4/8 Frame Honey Extractor - Electric (special order item)

4/8 Frame Honey Extractor - Electric (special order item)

Humble Bee

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Tired of cranking your extractor by hand? Upgrade to this powered unit. It will speed up your extraction by letting the extractor turn while you get the next batch of frames uncapped!

This extractor will hold 4 deep or 8 medium/shallow frames. Deep frames are extracted tangentially (need to be flipped and spun again), medium frames are extracted radially (no need to flip). 

This unit is powered by a 110 volt gear driven motor which allows you to control the speed via the detachable handheld control unit. 

Made from 26 gauge stainless steel, includes everything pictured, you supply the honey!

Special order item. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your item to be ready for pickup.