Strong Microbials Super DFM - Honey Bee

Strong Microbials Super DFM - Honey Bee

Humble Bee

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A wide array of gut bacteria play a vital role in breaking down and digesting food. Flushes out harmful pesticides. 

SuperDFM®-HoneyBee is an all-natural viable (live) microbial probiotic supplement that helps to keep bee gut microbes in balance.  Easy to use: Just sprinkle on the top bars of brood frames.

Empowers digestion and nutrient absorption.
Promotes optimal gut health.
Replenishment of the microbes lost due to agricultural modifications of their environment.
Safe to use all year round, even during honey flow!

No Preservatives
No Animal Ingredients
No Resistance Build-up
No Harmful Residue

Suitable for Organic Use

 We are the Ontario distributor for Strong Microbials 

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