Nuc 4-Frame Organic Honeybee Nucleus Colony 2023 DEPOSIT

Humble Bee

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We have a limited availability of Nucs for 2023

July Nucs are $270.00 with $135.00 non-refundable deposit

Our Organic Nucleus Colonies on Deep Langstroth frames follow the provincial standards and they include:

  • 2 frames of brood
  • 1 frame of foundation 
  • 1 frame of food 
  • 1 2023 Marked Mated Queen Bee in cage

Our organic Ontario stock is specially selected for gentleness and disease resistance (hygienic behavior).  We are part of the ORHBS program for selection of quality bees and our long term selection goals include varroa tolerance. 

We never clip wings, use antibiotics or artificially inseminate Queens.

We are licensed and inspected Queen & Nuc producers (a copy of our Queen and Nuc permit is available upon request)

Nucs are picked up from our shop in Hamilton. Your nuc will be packed in a cardboard Nuc box for transport. Nucs are well sealed with lots of ventilation and the Queen is caged with attendant bees to make their trip to your home as easy and safe as possible.

We will send you a reminder email or phone call prior to your pickup date with all the details about when, where, and how to safely pick up your bees.  

Video: How to install your Humble Bee Nuc!

When ordering make sure you leave your phone number. Deposits are non refundable.