Spring Saskatraz Imported Queen Bee

Spring Saskatraz Imported Queen Bee

Humble Bee

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Imported Queens available now!

Looking to make early splits for pollination or honey production?

Certified Saskatraz hybrid queens are mated in Northern California (Orland area). Ships in California mini cages. 

Saskatraz stock is selected + bred for honey production, wintering ability and resistance to mites and brood diseases.

These have exceptional genetics. Dr Albert Robertson, (breeder) partners with Olivarez for early Saskatraz production, suitable for our climate. All have strong hygienic qualities, are good producers and are of gentle temperament.

These queens are not marked.

We are licensed and inspected Queen & Nuc producers (a copy of our Queen and Nuc permit is available upon request) 

Contact Us to inquire about quotes for large orders (20+queens).