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Honey B Healthy

Humble Bee

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  • HONEY B HEALTHY® feeding stimulant is composed of essential oils.
  • Use as a feeding stimulant seasonally and during dearths of nectar. Add to your feeding mix to help build up packages, nucs, and swarms. Use as a drench or spray to help calm honey bees and combine weak colonies.
  • Helps keep hives cleaner and improves overall colony health.
  • Made in the USA and using only certified ingredients, HONEY B HEALTHY® is produced in a modern, state of the art FDA licensed food manufacturing laboratory under strict cGMP guidelines.

HONEY B HEALTHY® is the original feeding stimulant composed of lemongrass and spearmint essential oils. It is a Non-GMO emulsion that Helps Promote Healthy, Vigorous Hives® when used as a feeding stimulant for late winter, early spring, fall or during dearths of nectar. Also, add HONEY B HEALTHY® to your feeding mix to help build up packages, nucs and swarms. For a minimal cost per treatment, many commercial and hobbyist beekeepers are using HONEY B HEALTHY® as a cost-effective way to keep their colonies strong, healthy and vigorous.

HONEY B HEALTHY® helps calm honey bees when used as a spray. Spraying honey bees helps prevent fighting when combining nucs, swarms and colonies.  When sprayed on new wax or plastic foundation, HONEY B HEALTHY® helps encourage the bees to draw out the foundation. To use HONEY B HEALTHY® as a spray to calm the bees instead of smoke, use 4 teaspoons per quart 1:1 sugar-water mix.

Some beekeepers use a method of applying HONEY B HEALTHY® calling it the “Drench” or “Dousing” method. Apply one cup (8 oz. more or less depending on the size of the colony) of the mix to the brood area by spraying or drizzling the mix on the bees and between the brood frames. They use this force-feeding method three to four times, three to four days apart on failing colonies. Quite a few beekeepers have reported they drench each time they re-fill the feeding jars and have reduced their winter losses. They also mentioned the yearly cost for feeding and drenches of HONEY B HEALTHY® is less than the price of a few pounds of honey and the bees are so strong in the spring they make up to an extra two supers (~50 pounds) of honey. Not recommended to drench or spray packages.

HONEY B HEALTHY® can be mixed into sugar-water solutions ahead of time and fed when needed. The HONEY B HEALTHY® solution mix should be kept in a tightly sealed container when stored for an extended period of time. To insure even distribution of essential oils after storage, shake or stir before applying to hive feeders. Since essential oils are volatile and may evaporate from open containers and open feeders, closed-type feeders are recommended unless consumption by the bees is rapid. If feeding in open barrels, feed during times of nectar dearth when there is a rapid consumption of the mix by the bees.

Mixing Directions: Shake well. Mix at room temperature. For Feeding: Mix 1-2 teaspoons per 1 quart of syrup. For a larger feed, mix 4-8 teaspoons per 1 gallon of syrup. For Spray/Drench: Mix 4 teaspoons per 1 quart of syrup. For larger quantity, mix 16 teaspoons per 1 gallon of syrup.


Feeding HONEY B HEALTHY® can cause robbing during times of extreme dearth of nectar, especially during the fall. If this occurs, we suggest feeding during evening within the hive and reducing the entrance to prevent robbers from entering.