Formic Acid - 1L (pickup only)

Formic Acid - 1L (pickup only)

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1 Liter of 65% formic acid solution. Use in conjunction with our Formic Acid Pads, or the FAM Dispenser to make your own mite treatments. 

Be sure to use appropriate safety gear; formic acid is a powerful and volatile acid. We recommend a full face respirator with organic acid filters and rubber gloves. 

For more information on mite treatment thresholds and products approved for use in Ontario, click this link

  • this product is Pick Up only
  • As per the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (Section 9 of O.Reg. 63/09), Class C pesticides can only be sold to registered beekeepers, certified famers or licensed pesticide exterminators. Please provide us with your beekeeping number when you purchase this product.