Job Opportunity: Hive Manager

Position: Hive Manager

Farm: Humble Bee

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Type: Full time / Permanent

Start Date: May 2023

About Humble Bee

At Humble Bee we produce high quality hive products and serve the local Beekeeping community with equipment and training. Our hives are located at several urban, rooftop and rural yards across the greater Hamilton area. We put Bee health first in our practices and manage our hives organically. Our ultimate goal is to breed bees for the future, ensuring they continue to thrive and play a vital role in our food system. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome all applicants.

Lead and Manage Accountabilities 

  • Lead retail operations:be the nerve centre of retail activity. 
  • Lead in your day-to-day responsibilities and work together across the organization to achieve desired outcomes  
  • Manage assigned tasks and objectives from start to finish
  • Mentoring / Coaching staff
  • Contribute to the internal development of the company through customer care, administration, inventory management and client experiences

Hive Responsibilities

  • Manage retail, wholesale, and e-commerce operations
  • Maintain  stock / inventory
  • Schedule staff
  • CRM
  • Content creation


  • Ensure operations at Humble Bee are running smoothly
  • Manage feedback and reporting
  • Streamline processes

Collaboration (leadership, communications, research)

  • Coordination with companies, clients and customers

Our Ideal Candidate will

  • Be passionate about bees and have an eagerness to learn about the industry 
  • Have 3+ years of professional experience in management
  • Have sales experience 
  • Have experience in a client facing role 
  • Have excellent written and verbal skills 
  • Be extremely organized
  • Have a strong sense of delegation and directness that remains approachable 
  • Be collaborative, enthusiastic, innovative and detail oriented
  • Be passionate about the environment 
  • Have experience with G-Suite , Quickbooks, Shopify, Square

Bonus Qualifications

  • Have experience working in an agricultural field 
  • Have experience with social media content, marketing
  • Post-secondary degree/diploma in business related field


  • Three weeks vacation
  • Discount on honey and wax products

Availability Expectations

  • Available during regular working hours 9 am / 5 pm - flexible when communicated (we know you have a life outside of work!) 
  • Longer hours are occasionally needed May - August but there is balance through during the slower winter months.
  • During busy seasons (Spring + Summer) it’s difficult for the small team to accommodate time off of more than 1 week 


This full-time position commences in May


$41,000  starting salary

How to apply:

Email your resume/CV to