“Stingless” Ventilated Jacket

“Stingless” Ventilated Jacket

Humble Bee

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This beekeeping jacket has 3 layers of mesh ensuring maximum airflow and minimizing the risk of stings. It will help keep you cool and protected even in the heat of summer!

The veil is fully removable, and has an integrated cotton visor on top to block out sun. The veil zips fully shut and is secured with velcro to prevent bees from getting in. Further security is provided by a tight sealing waist elastic, along with elastic cuffs and velcro closures at the wrist. 

An additional benefit of having a triple mesh suit is that the bees stinger does not get caught in the mesh. This means that bee will not die attempting to sting you, and the suit will not absorb and retain the smell of alarm pheromone like leather and cotton materials do. 

* We recommend ordering at least 1 size larger than usual to allow for mobility