Native Bee Houses

Native Bee Houses

Humble Bee

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Honeybees are great but there are over 200 species of Native Bees in Hamilton, over 800 species in Ontario and over 19000 species worldwide! These Bee Houses are designed and built in-house by our team to bee the perfect home for solitary native bees, giving them a place to raise their young. Turn your home into a pollinator paradise and help native bees!

Chose a "Condo" or "Hotel"

Bee Condo-  Great for smaller spaces. Comes with plant stalk "tubes" made from foraged grasses and invasive plants. Turn invasive plants into native bee habitat!

Bee Hotel- Our deluxe model constructed from100% local lumber and metal! Wooden "plates" with pre-drilled holes are perfect for Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees as well as other species