Practical Beekeeping Skills: How to Work a Beehive 1pm - 5pm

Humble Bee

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So you've got some bees, but not sure what you should be doing? How you should be doing it? Wondering what you've gotten yourself into?

We'll teach you to safely work with your bees, to avoid harm to both you and your bees. 

This 4 hour class is all about training beekeepers in the practical skills required to work with a live honeybee colony. We will teach you our favourite techniques and tricks. We'll take you through the process of inspecting your hive, how to find a queen, and talk about what you should and shouldn't do to help you bees thrive. 

We'll also give you an overview of how your colony will develop over the season, and a timeline explaining what you need to be doing as the season progresses.

We will have hives ranging from nucleus colonies to large honey producing colonies on site, so that you can directly experience the whole range of variation in colony size and strength that you will encounter on your beekeeping odyssey.  

We will start with a morning session in the beeyard, follow up with discussion in the classroom, have a break, then have an afternoon beeyard session and finish up with some time for discussion and questions. 

This class takes place at the Cotton Factory- 270 Sherman Ave N, Hamilton, ON.