Bee-Pro Pollen Patty+

Humble Bee

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Help your bees with Bee-Pro Pollen Patty+. These high-protein patties contain Pro Health™, a supportive feeding supplement with essential oils that boosts feeding and aids digestion.

Easy to use in single- or two-story colonies, each patty weighs 1lb. (454 g) and with a minimum of 10% protein.

  • Not weather dependent
  • Encourage early brood production
  • Ready to feed, no need to remove the paper wrap

Feeding Directions:

For single-story colonies place 1-3 patties on top of the frames under the cover.

For two-story colonies, split the boxes and place 1-3 patties on top of the frames of the lower box. Replace the top box and cover.

Do not feed protein patties while honey supers are present.

Storage Instructions: 

Seal in a plastic bag. Store away from direct sunlight at or below 22°. Can be stored in a refrigerator or freezer.